The show is looming closer!

Well, the prints are done, frames are being gathered, matting is being cut, and display stands are being built, this must mean I’m getting ready for Saturday’s show! There’s been so much going on and so much yet to do that it seems crazy to have spent the last weekend in Dutch John near Flaming Gorge, but I’m glad I did. I was able to recharge and clear my head before surging forward with my plans for this coming weekend and I feel almost ready to take anything on! That doesn’t mean I won’t be in a panic the day of the big event, but for now I’m feeling pretty good about things. All I have left to do is to put it all together, find a dress (the hardest part), show up and be fabulously brilliant! 

Here’s to not embarrassing myself!



RAW walk-through

Tonight I have the RAW walk-through and video interview for the upcoming show and I have to admit, I’m incredibly nervous. I’ve always had trouble being on the other side of a camera, ANY camera. I’m incredibly shy, easily embarrassed and always afraid I’m going to make a colossal fool of myself. Luckily, I have advanced knowledge of the questions I’ll be asked so I can plan out my responses but I’ll be sweating this until its over and done with. The interviews are intended to help the showcased artists further their exposure and reach more potential clients and for that I’m grateful. Those few minutes of torture will hopefully pay off in that I have something I can use to market my skills which, for me, goes to show that in every cloud lies a silver lining.

Here’s to inner calm and not throwing up on camera!


Pricing and credit card readers and printing sites… oh my!

I have to say that, for myself at least, the most difficult part of setting up my own photography business is deciding on prices. You can research dozens upon dozens of fellow photographers, each different from another, and STILL find yourself lost when it comes to putting pen to paper and cementing what a fair price tag should read! “Am I worth charging this much for a maternity session?”… “Is that enough for a wedding? They’re a ton of work!”… etc. Then, once you’ve chewed up all the pencil erasers and pen caps in the house in frustration and littered your entire living room with crumpled up/discarded lists and scribbled out descriptions, you have to figure out HOW you’re going to take payment! Lucky for me my dad loves me. He’s been researching credit card readers that I can operate with my phone. Hopefully, once I agonize over the decision of which online photo sharing and printing site to join, the credit card reader can be linked into said online printing account. I sincerely envy those photographers who have already undergone this same anguish and have themselves comfortably set up. Maybe finding another pen cap or eraser will do the trick.  :o)

Here’s to pulling it all together!


RAW showcase

In July I was invited to be one of a few selected featured artists for RAW Artists. New to the Salt Lake area, they’re being received by the art community with open arms and I’ll be an official emerging part of the RAW fold on September 22! I have SO much to do by then, but the hard work will definitely be worth it! I’m excited and honored that they both found and invited me to join, especially since the artists they associate with are ridiculously talented! I’m scared to death and have the sneaking suspicion that I’m in WAY over my head but know deep down that this will be a good thing both personally and for my artistic expression. After my September showcase, I’ll have the green light to show all over the country! This is an AMAZING opportunity for me and I hope I can live up to their standards but mostly I hope I can live up to my own!


Here’s to being a nervous (but happy) wreck!






Hello and welcome to my blog!  This has been a long time coming and a year ago I would’ve never seen myself as among the blogging masses, but here I am!  I hope to use this as a tool to share myself through my photographic work and my thoughts, so join in and let me know what you think!  Here’s to happy blogging!