RAW showcase

In July I was invited to be one of a few selected featured artists for RAW Artists. New to the Salt Lake area, they’re being received by the art community with open arms and I’ll be an official emerging part of the RAW fold on September 22! I have SO much to do by then, but the hard work will definitely be worth it! I’m excited and honored that they both found and invited me to join, especially since the artists they associate with are ridiculously talented! I’m scared to death and have the sneaking suspicion that I’m in WAY over my head but know deep down that this will be a good thing both personally and for my artistic expression. After my September showcase, I’ll have the green light to show all over the country! This is an AMAZING opportunity for me and I hope I can live up to their standards but mostly I hope I can live up to my own!



Here’s to being a nervous (but happy) wreck!






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