Pricing and credit card readers and printing sites… oh my!

I have to say that, for myself at least, the most difficult part of setting up my own photography business is deciding on prices. You can research dozens upon dozens of fellow photographers, each different from another, and STILL find yourself lost when it comes to putting pen to paper and cementing what a fair price tag should read! “Am I worth charging this much for a maternity session?”… “Is that enough for a wedding? They’re a ton of work!”… etc. Then, once you’ve chewed up all the pencil erasers and pen caps in the house in frustration and littered your entire living room with crumpled up/discarded lists and scribbled out descriptions, you have to figure out HOW you’re going to take payment! Lucky for me my dad loves me. He’s been researching credit card readers that I can operate with my phone. Hopefully, once I agonize over the decision of which online photo sharing and printing site to join, the credit card reader can be linked into said online printing account. I sincerely envy those photographers who have already undergone this same anguish and have themselves comfortably set up. Maybe finding another pen cap or eraser will do the trick.  :o)

Here’s to pulling it all together!



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