Well, its been a LONG while since my last post; busy year I suppose and its just going to get busier. Since last fall’s family portrait sessions and especially last year’s RAW experience, I’d hoped to start gaining a longer list of clientele and  while customers aren’t exactly beating down my door, I’m content (read: happy) to see a slow but steady rise with my workload. I’ve been asked to shoot a family session on a sailboat, a boudoir session (can’t wait for that one!) and a couple of weddings in the coming months, beautiful brides whom I’m excited to be able to work with (samples of their engagement sessions coming soon…!). I’m really looking forward to shooting their bridals! I just love seeing a woman’s nervous excitement and the confidence that every bride exudes on her special day and since every bride is absolutely beautiful, shining from the inside out, I’m sure to get some great shots of both the brides exclusively and on their big day! Its a delight to be able to capture the details that brides, their families and the occasional groom, have spent so much time and energy to get just right and I’m honored to have been chosen to record forever the results of all their hard work and effort.

Looking forward to October, you gorgeous ladies!

Here’s to great shots, beautiful wedding weather and exquisite brides!



Fall Portraits


Just finished the last of the fall portrait editing and I feel pretty good about the work. Christmas and winter portraiture is a little slower, but just as much fun! All colors really pop against a backdrop of snow, and hats and scarves can be so relaxed! You can really get creative! I’m hoping to dig in and start familiarizing myself with PhotoShop in the coming days, weeks, months, and try my hand at a few concept shots I’ve had in my head. My goal is to create images comparable to those of my friend Stuart Hackworth of Hackworth Photography (http://www.facebook.com/HachworthPhotography), an absolute GENIUS when it comes to creating beautiful and interesting images! He’s set a standard that I can only hope I’m able to meet!

Here’s to snowy portraits, lofty goals and no more limitations!


Well, it’s autumn, one of the busiest times of the year for photographers. There’s a rush for the mountains, the vivid and changing color being the photographic equivalent of a gold strike for family portraiture. I see this every year and it still never ceases to amaze and take my breath away! Blazing oranges, flaming reds, yellows that you would swear still glow after the sun has set! The mountainside seems to be caught in a perpetual fire where the air is crisp, clean and redolent with the smells of cedar, pine and earth. Ahh, I love the fall and how quickly the resplendent color fades to brown, dulling the landscape and preparing the way for glistening snow.

Over the weekend, I myself had a family shoot, my good friend Shamber and her delightful family, with three more scheduled this week and Saturday and I was also able to shoot my first concert, Royal Bliss, albeit unofficially. I loved the concert but will need different lenses if I start shooting those events more frequently. I was thrilled to be able to watch them perform! I’ve been a fan for a long time!

Anyway, here’s to the beauty of autumn, family getting together under any circumstances, good music and great friends!